Rosa Bellflower

Months ago I started this nice cardigan designed by my gifted friend, Liselotte. I worked it in the brilliant 4 ply pure wool yarn from the Irish Cushendale Wollen Mills. The yarn is coarse and warm and versatile and hard wearing and the colours are always just right, as is the price – and then there is the bounce. I know, I know, I keep going on about that yarn, but it really is special! I also used Kauni Effect which I really like for the colour too, it’s coarse and the smell of lanolin from it really never allows you to forget that it’s a natural fibre you are working; just the way I like it!  As you probably know by now, I have a severe allergy to petrol based yarn…

IMG_8543smallRosa Bellflower © Irene Lundgaard 2010

I had the cardigan crochet in no time, but because I made some modifications to the way I used the yarn, so that the same stripe from the Kauni Effektgarn runs all the way across from one sleeve, across the body and then over to the other sleeve, the finishing was quite a fiddle that I kept putting off. Naughty me! IMG_8554smallUnder normal circumstances the sleeves would have been different to the body, but I didn’t want that and in the process dug a deep hole for myself as my preference meant I had very many ends to secure, although I did crochet them away as I went, but they still needed attention; every single one of them, if you get my drift… Because of the modification I did, I had to sew up the sleeves too, which turned out neat and tidy. Nice.

I just know that this cardigan is going to be a much loved garment. I am going to wear it to death and with the winter conditions we have here at the moment, I’m only delighted that I have an excuse to wear it!

Note: The pattern for this wonderful cardigan, is designed by Liselotte Weller (Ravelry link),  it’s a two in one pattern, a jumper and a cardigan and the possibilities for putting your own personal stamp on this pattern are just endless!

I got the Cushendale 4ply from The Yarn Room and the Kauni Effect from Scandinavian Knitting Design. Buttons from stash.