The Sunday Times Article

I was delighted to be part of a nice article on Yarn Graffiti and all things yarn in THE SUNDAY TIMES yesterday. I was rubbing shoulders with the best of yarnies in Ireland in the article and some Hollywood stars too! What more can a woman ask for? There was a great emphasis on crochet in the article, something that is delightful for a crocheter like me that is doing her best for some crochet world domination!

Irene Lundgaard in The Sunday Times - Photo by Fergal Phillips - January 6th 2013 -2

The wonderful Stitch Lily of Wolly Way of Ireland was the woman who brought all of us to Ed Power’s attention and for that and her brilliant website she deserves huge thanks. The article also featured the gifted Evin O’Keeffe, The Constant Knitter wool shop, the talented Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin and the edgy Caroline Kuyper.

Delighted I am, and not least grateful to Stephanie Kennedy of The Yarn Room for the loan of “The Sofa” keeping me snug and out of the murky wet outside on the day that Photographer Fergal Phillips came to take my picture!

World domination, I’m telling you!