Yarn Classes

Creative Growth

I am very busy with the hook these days… Creative juices are flowing and ides are formulated, tested and tried, deemed worthy of further pursuit or not.  I am preparing three different pieces of crochet for exhibitions, one for the Tinahely Agricultural Show Art Exhibition on August 6th and a couple of things for Culture Night, but more about that later.

Green Growth 2Not only that, I also have the most wonderful crochet class going every Tuesday morning (10.30-12.30) at the Tinahely Farm Shop, where there are two more weeks left of the current session, do join us! Drop me a mail or give me a ring, if you would like to take part: / 085 769 1854. You can learn the very basics of crochet in just two hours! Drop in classes are €15 per class. I also give regular afternoon classes every Thursday afternoon at The Yarn Room – you can book in directly at the shop on: 085 1303762.

A lot of people are on their holidays at the moment, which is lovely – I hear great things about the wonderful Mediterranean water, sun and heat – something  we have not been blessed with this summer in Ireland yet, although today there is actually blue skies and shadows on the lawn which is wonderful. I often wonder if I would like to go on a sun holiday and every time I think about it I realize that the one journey I prefer over all journeys is the creative journey. The one where the ideas just flow, where all my being is absorbed by the thing I am constructing in crochet – to me, the best journey of all, and now I will go out into the beautiful sunshine with my hook and let rip.


Catching Up

I’m back from my trip to Denmark after two wonderful workshops at the fantastic facilities at the County Library in Skive and much crochet creativity was unleashed! 15 crocheters  learnt Tunisian crochet, 6 beginner crocheters were hatched and 6 ponchos designed! Wonderful, fulfilling days! YAY!

I hit the ground running when I came back as very many creative adventures are being hatched in my world at the moment.

First and foremost, the very many contributions for the celebrations of March as International Crochet Month at The Yarn Room needed to be installed. On Friday the Dynamic Duo of Hannah and Marlen came along and we set to work with all the very many pieces of pretty crochet!

Hannah and Marlen at The Yarn Room - Yarn GrafittiYarn Graffiti at The Yarn Room 1Making a Start at Yarn Grafitti at The Yarn RoomCelebrating International Crochet Month, March 2012
with Yarn Graffiti at The Yarn Room
© Irene Lundgaard 2012

We made a start at it and I think the photos speak for themselves.

There is much more to come and who knows, perhaps Hannah and Marlen are done with it all when I return on Thursday. No pressure!


A Natural Dye Pot Tale

Saturday was such an inspiring day at The Yarn Room. Terry The Weaver sent us through the motions step by step and shared so very generously his knowledge. We ended up with four mordants; Copper, Alum, Tin and Iron which gave us a heap of different colour shades even-though we only used four different dyes.
Here is a picture cavalcade of the day:

A Lifetime of Essential Notes by Terry The Weaver photo Irene Lundgaard

Mordant pots photo Irene LundgaardReadying for the dye pot photo Irene Lundgaard

Crushing the beetles natural dyeing workshop january 2012 photo Irene LundgaardCochenile and willow bark natural dying workshop photo Irene Lundgaard

Logwood dye pot photo Irene Lundgaardsteaming hot dyed wool photo Irene Lundgaard

A day with natural dyeing - the result of our labour - photo Irene Lundgaard

Natural Dye Shop result yarn photo Irene Lundgaard

Natural Dye Workshop @ The Yarn Room.
All photos by Irene Lundgaard

We managed to gain all these colour from using four different mordants and four different dyes. We used Weld, Logwood, Willow Bark and Cochineal beetles and in true Yarn Room fashion a young man walked in on us who had just come home from South America where he had seen the beetles in the wild as silver covering on large cacti, and had watched how they were being harvested and used.

It was a magical day and I am eyeing up the pots in my kitchen for future adventures.

Soon I will be able to show my very first hank of drop spindle hand spun from raw fleece too! What a day!

Tapestry Crochet

Defiant Summer Crochet

IMG_3490smallThe Irish summer heat seeped out around July first, we’re back to rain and low temperatures as per usual but who says we can’t use summer colours anyway? I am at the moment.

The Summer Candy Swirl Beanie was completed in fun summer colours. It’s just a little sample that will only fit a child’s head, the spiral on it was fun to make. I enjoy to crochet spirals.

Right now I’m preparing the Tapestry Crochet Class for next Saturday at The Yarn Room and I’m having great fun. I made the first couple of samples a while back, one is the Little Girl’s Pouch which is also very summery in colour indeed.

IMG_2199small IMG_3500small
Colourful Tapestry Crochet Samples In Cotton

I have a little cat crochet in a Egyptian style, it’s fun but it will need much more work. I’ll enjoy the creative journey that will be.

The woollen Tapestry Crochet sample is my all time favourite so far. I adore the coarse Cushendale DK yarn that has such wonderful stitch definition and durability. And then there is the colours that are simply to die for. The saturation is just right, the hues and tones are done to perfection and the fleck is just fantastic!

Tapestry Diamond Bag © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

I will work on a couple more samples and see if I can think up some fun and inspiring designs to work with. You see, to me the best journey of all is the creative process and that is the summer journey I intend for this weekend. Tapestry Crochet, here I come!

Tapestry Crochet – €25
• Part 1: Saturday 24th July 2010 from 3 – 5pm
• Part 2: Friday 6th August 2010 from 3 – 5pm (if you just want to learn the technique, you do not need this class)
• Learn how to crochet Tapestry. You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class.

Class booking can be done  at The Yarn Room online shop or by calling the shop on Tel: +353 (0)85 1303762

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The Birthday Aftermath

There was cakes to die for at The Yarn Room yesterday, was being the operative word. When I left after a stint of some 3 hours this is what was left on the plates.

IMG_3022smallYummy Home Baking – Yarn Room Style

The place was packed with lovely yarnies and very many lovely faces were put on ‘Ravatars’. There was that Yarn Room buzz about the place that is so colourful and inclusive and not least inspiring with people bouncing ideas off each others. It is for a reason that the tag line on The Yarn Room logo is ‘- be inspired’.

This is one year later and I still pinch myself every time I go in the door there. I simply can’t believe I teach and work in this colourful and inclusive environment.

Speaking of teaching. The summer crochet class schedule at The Yarn Room is up and there is something for everybody:

Crochet Classes
Learn to Crochet – €25
• 23rd July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn the basic stitches
• Get started on your first project.

Improvers Crochet Class – €25
• 30th July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn new skills by working through a project of your choice.
• The class is small and focuses on the needs of the group.

Crochet Flowers – €25
• 20th August 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to make attractive crochet flowers.
• You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class.

Design a Crochet Hat – €25
• 16th July 2010 – 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to design and make a crochet hat. You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class

Tapestry Crochet – €25
• Part 1: 24th July 2010 from 3 – 5pm
• Part 2: 6th August 2010 from 3 – 5pm
• Learn how to crochet Tapestry
You will need basic crochet skills to get the most out of the class

You can book online at The Yarn Room online shop or by calling the shop on Tel: 085 1303762


Celebratory Sale

Today when I locked the door at The Yarn Room I had to pause for a moment and have a last quick look in through the door to make sure that everything was under control. I had to pinch myself when I saw the colour and the bright space that is The Yarn Room.


This week is the first birthday of that wonderful inspiring space so full of colourful wool. A year where I have had unbelievable fun. A year of colour and a year of inspiration.

Tomorrow Stephanie is having her birthday sale with 10% on all yarns and spot prices throughout the day and there are selected yarns reduced to almost 50%. I have my eye on some of it… Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Happy Birthday and congratulations Stephanie on your wonderfully inspiring place! Long may it last!


Her Nibs In Glad Rags

IMG_8346smallI am just about to pack my bags as I’m sneaking off to London for a long weekend. I will need to bring my glad rags as I am going partying and just wish I had a skirt like Her Nibs at The Yarn Room.

I feel an idea coming on…

Tunisian crochet

Tunisian Heads Down

Another successful gathering at the work table in The Yarn Room today. They had their heads down in the bright and airy room while cracking the Tunisian code.



They worked hard, coffee, tea and cakes were had and they cracked the code completely! YAY!

On Friday it’s all about Classical Crochet. I better get the hook out…

Crochet Yarn Classes

Breaking The Mould With Flowers

The work table at The Yarn Room was hopping with yarn and hooks and laugh and good humour this afternoon. We basically broke the crochet mould today by having our first Crochet Flower Class there and everyone even went home with a lovely home made flower.

See for yourself :

Thanks to The Crochet Sisterhood, The Record Holding Visitor To The Yarn Room and not least The Apple Sharer for a lovely afternoon and special thanks to Stephanie for providing such a nice, inspiring and bright venue.

While you enjoy the pictures, I’ll get going with the material for the workshop next Saturday, which is Tunisian Crochet.


In Bloom

IMG_6294smallThese are some samples for the crochet flower class on Saturday. I made a couple of traditional and simple ones and then the one brash and bold one which is actually also very simply made.

The brash and bold one is made to explore the effect of combining different classes of yarn. It is quite nice to see how well the heavy aran weight combined with 4ply can become ever so light on it’s woolly feet!

All I need to do now is the documentation of the process…