hyperbolic crochet coral reef

The Toxic Reef

It was my intention to get some work done on my contribution to the Toxic Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef while in London, but my time was spent doing many other things among which was creating some more toxic waste.

IMG_7805smallThis box of waste from my waste paper basket in my room is merely a fraction of what waste I generated while there. There was gift wrapping as well and at least 7 plastic bags plus all the food wrappings too that I did not collect in my bedroom. The home I was visiting has an elaborate waste separation system which has been implemented by the council and it’s great for the environment, however, it would be much better if we could start being aware of the amount of waste we generate on entry to the household rather than just on exit.

I am becoming more and more concious of the importance of the Toxic Reef in the Hyperbolic Coral Reef project, particularly after having seen pictures of the beautiful live corals around Jamaica from BionicLaura on Ravelry.

Are you aware of how much plastic waste you are generating?