Tunisian crochet Workshop

Tunisian Crochet Workshop In May

I was approached by Ashla Ward a while ago with the view to having a Tunisian Crochet Workshop Weekend in May. Ashla runs a Knit and Crochet group in NUI Galway and booked me for the workshop. I’m delighted and really look forward to immersing myself in Tunisian Crochet and not least the wilds of Co Mayo for a weekend in May.

Ashla contacted me the other day and told me that there are still a few places left for the course, so if you are interested all the details for content and booking can be found below!

Essence of Mulranny Weekend 24-26th of May 2013

Dane's Tunisian Vest

The Cost
Accommodation and all meals (2 dinners, 2 lunches and 2 breakfasts) plus two full days of classes with Irene Lundgaard for €190.

About the Accommodation & Studio
Essence of Mulranny (EOM)

Overlooking Clew bay the EOM house and studio is set in beautiful Mulranny with a blue flag beach nearby. The owner Cheryl Cobern Browne is passionate about craft and the environment and is a welcoming host. All the meals are provided during the stay and Cheryl cooks healthy and delicious foods. The house is modern and spacious with 10 bedrooms including 3 en-suites and some shared bathrooms.  The class will take place in the round tower studio that Cheryl has built on the grounds to facilitate crafting groups. The studio will be for the use of group and is left open throughout the stay. ‘Making available the things I am most passionate about is not only a privilege, but deeply enriching for me too – every time.’ Taken from her website

Tunisian Crochet
Tunisian crochet is a cross between knitting and crochet.  The distinctive fabric created by this technique looks woven and has very many uses particularly in soft furnishing, bags and not least jackets as well as the traditional use of blankets. Tunisian crochet is typically worked on a long hook with a stopper on the end – similar to a knitting needle.

The techniques taught will be classical Tunisian Crochet and there will be an emphasis on colour work (including intarsia) and texture as well as an element of design.

Day 1 Basic techniques
Day 2 Working circular including designing your own hat or bag.

Materials needed
Double ended Tunisian Crochet Hook size 5 or 6 mm and Aran weight yarn in different colours.
A limited number of hooks will be available for sale at the workshop.

To book
Contact Ashla Ward, 086 1936620
or email

Crochet Fun

The Rhythm Of Crochet

A while ago, (a year to be exact, I have just been reliably told, cough-cough! How time flies!) I was given a gorgeous and very inspiring gift. I was given a piece of crochet music. Donal wrote a pretty little tune for me all inspired by the rhythm of my crochet hook.

Honestly, it doesn’t get any bigger than that as gifts go in my world!

Not only did Donal write the music, he also made me a video with an animated crochet hook interspersed with pictures of some of my crochet.

Donal called the tune “Get Hooked” and that is exactly what he has done. I’m hooked on it and I think Donal has completely captured the rhythm of a crochet hook in the tune and let’s face it, he does hear a lot of it! Words like “obsessive compulsive” does regularly make their way across the room to me for some reason…

I love that little humpty-dumpty rhythm he has captured, it is so melodic and great crochet music to my ears. I adore this little video, I adore the tune and truth be told, I adore Donal, but that’s my own little private secret…

Enjoy the music!

Crochet Tunisian crochet

March Crochet Class Schedule

IMG_0152smallMarch is nigh and my new class schedule is now available. March will be all Tunisian crochet classes. I’m besotted with that technique and look forward to sharing it with others.
I found the softest combination of wool in Artesano Alpaca and Schoppel Wolle Pur and  made a pair of fingerless mittens in a spring yellow – just for fun. They are so soft and nice and soft and, well, springy…


Colourful His & Hers Cowls

IMG_0137smallHis & Hers Cowls in Tunisian Crochet © 2010 Irene Lundgaard

I’m having a blast with the most delicious yarns. One is Artesano Alpaca in the Aran weight and the other one is Schoppel Wolle Pur which is the softest Merino imaginable. I’m having fun making some ‘His & Hers Cowls’, if they work. For now I’ll have to rip what I have done back and start from the top again… Take two coming up, watch this space!

Tunisian crochet

Tunisian Vest With Sleeves-to-be

I love the texture of Tunisian Crochet and not least the colour options, they are near to endless.


A good while back I started this vest in tubular Tunisian Crochet but never really finished it. It is worked in Lett Lopi on hook size 9 to avoid it being too heavy as the fabric becomes quite dense in Tunisian.


I never finished the vest as I couldn’t really decide what to do with it. The current weather has made me see the light though. I definitely need to make some sleeves for it. Once they are done it will be the warmest garment ever. It was my intention to work out a pattern for it, but I have mislaid my notes and that to me is a sign that this is meant to be just a once off garment. One day, I may set to work on another one and I may even manage to remember where I have my notes for it…


Swirly-Whirly Winter Hat


Swirly-Whirly Winter Hat © 2009 Irene Lundgaard

I have been working with the Tunisian hook a bit this week as I thought I would present the Pick Up Your Needles crocheters with another design option. My hook cannot get away from the Hyperbolic shapes so it produced this Swirly Whirly Winter Hat. Great fun, and the pattern is almost written up too!


A Piece Of Heaven On My Hook

I am a member of Ravelry which is an all dancing all singing yarn forum full of ‘yarnies’. If you are not yet a member, make it your business to become one. It is a fountain of patterns and hints and tips and yarn resources. It’s fiber-cyber-heaven in other words. On Ravelry there is a group called Colour Joy and I’m a member…


This mystery piece of tubular Tunisian Crochet is just that; colour joy! I am working the piece on hook 9 mm, just because I can and I am working in Létt-Lopi from Ístex as I am head over heels in love with that yarn and so enjoy exploring how far I can take it. The yarn texture alone makes it so terribly smooth and lovely and the fantastic colours are simply mindblowing. It’s pure joy and I love it! Another thing to love about this colourful piece is working in Tunisian Simple Stitch. There are terribly many different stitches one can use in Tunisian Crochet but my all time favorite is the plain auld simple stitch. Tunisian Simple Stitch and Ístex Lopi are a marriage made in heaven and here I am with a piece of heaven on my hook. Yay!

Tunisian crochet Yarn Classes

Pinning Down Tunisian Crochet

I couldn’t resist to check out a little fun spiral tea pot holder in Tunisian Crochet for the class on Saturday.


This is my first sample, it’s nearly there, but I would like the centre to be neater and believe I have found a way.


Then I worked a swatch of colour, just for fun but now it’s straight back to the hook to fix that centre.

Tunisian crochet

Northern Vessel

Northern VesselLong journeys by car with a willing chauffeur are simply pure heaven for a yarnie. It leaves miles and miles of yarn opportunities just ready to be spent with implements in hand.

I was recently in Belfast and grabbed the opportunity of the long journey to work out Tunisian crochet in the round properly and to practise the tubular technique more. I use a birch hook and for some reason it just works with my very warm hands. Normally, I’m a steel woman as wooden tools do not glide well for us hot handed yarnies.

I managed to work a bottom flat in the round and it’s almost presentable, I just need to work out the rate of increase to make it neat. I worked in a natural colour and an autumnal green. I reversed the colour for what is going to be the rim, which will be turned in and sewn on on the inside. I used a hook 6 mm and good auld reliable Kilcarra Aran Tweed and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit besotted with the whole technique and not least the result.

I think I will have to try and work a pair of mittens or perhaps even socks in this technique. I am not sure how suitble it would be for socks as the finished fabric is quite firm and a bit inflexible unlike knitted fabric but one thing is for sure. I want more, much more!!!

Tunisian crochet

I’m Seriously Hooked

tunisianvesselIt is an absolute joy to work in the Tunisian Crochet technique. I am so delighted that I have worked out how to work in the tubular shape, it opens all sorts of wonderful opportunities and I can’t wait to get going on some of all of my ideas. It’s just that I have very many ends to weave in on my Yoyo Jumper which has magically turned itself into a vest. The yarn and the style of crochet simply does not lend itself to a full-blown jumper. The vest will be nice too, once I get those ends woven in, that is…