There’s Crochet And Then There’s Crochet

Burly Haired Crochet Sheela Na Gig Gone Venus by Irene LundgaardWhile my sheep is left to dry and while I think up what’s next for it I have had fun with crocheting a sunflower which will be revealed at a later stage (once I get the maths right). However, I have also been celebrating International Crochet Month. I have immersed myself further in this piece of free-hand crochet. The right term might be free-form, but I always associate that term with “scrumbles” and loads of bullion stitches and this piece I’m working on has none of that, it is sculptural and has taken on a life of it’s own.

It does have what to me appears to be something that could be called burly hair. I know other people would probably not use that term in connection with hair but seeing that it is my hands this piece of work is running through, I can tell you, it is just that!

I wonder if Venus ever had burly hair – or if she was a redhead for that matter…

I’m longing to just crochet and crochet until this creature has fully developed, but first I must print the last few sheets of hand-outs for the workshops in Denmark at the weekend and there is also the small matter of some packing to be done, but tomorrow, while I travel…