There’s Crochet And Then There’s Crochet

Burly Haired Crochet Sheela Na Gig Gone Venus by Irene LundgaardWhile my sheep is left to dry and while I think up what’s next for it I have had fun with crocheting a sunflower which will be revealed at a later stage (once I get the maths right). However, I have also been celebrating International Crochet Month. I have immersed myself further in this piece of free-hand crochet. The right term might be free-form, but I always associate that term with “scrumbles” and loads of bullion stitches and this piece I’m working on has none of that, it is sculptural and has taken on a life of it’s own.

It does have what to me appears to be something that could be called burly hair. I know other people would probably not use that term in connection with hair but seeing that it is my hands this piece of work is running through, I can tell you, it is just that!

I wonder if Venus ever had burly hair – or if she was a redhead for that matter…

I’m longing to just crochet and crochet until this creature has fully developed, but first I must print the last few sheets of hand-outs for the workshops in Denmark at the weekend and there is also the small matter of some packing to be done, but tomorrow, while I travel…


A Developing Woman

The journey a hook and a ball of yarn can bring a woman on is mind-boggling. I am on such a journey at the moment. It started with the fact that March is International Crochet Month and I promised myself that I would have a dedicated piece of crochet to work on throughout the month. I started a piece of free-form sculptural crochet on International Women’s Day – a significant date in women’s lives…

It was my intention to make a Sheela Na Gig. I have always been fascinated by Sheela Na Gigs and often wonder why they are depicted as something almost aggressive. I had never understood that aggression until I started to look into their origin. Some say it may be the war-goddess depicted but others say it’s a symbol of fertility in which case I very much regret what seems to be the built in aggression. Fertility to me is round and soft, juicy and delicious.

Shella Na Gig turned Venus Figurine by Irene Lundgaard 8 March 2012Developing Woman © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I set to work with my yarn and 3 mm hook and started from the top of the head and then Sheela took on a life of her own. She developed very large breasts, something that is very rarely seen on a Sheela Na Gig as she seems to warn against lust. I soon realized that my hands were turning her into something completely different, and as I went along, this piece refused to be aggressive. It wanted to be round and voluptuous – fertile… Very female. Sheela seems to have morphed into what can best be described as a Venus figurine.

Historically there are many thousands of years between these two female depictions. Women have developed much in all those years and my depiction of the female seems to want to develop further as this one tells me she is not yet complete. Earlier today she demanded hair – neither ever seen on a Sheela Na Gig nor a Venus figurine, to my knowledge and I am sure there will be further developments…

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