The Sunday Times Article

I was delighted to be part of a nice article on Yarn Graffiti and all things yarn in THE SUNDAY TIMES yesterday. I was rubbing shoulders with the best of yarnies in Ireland in the article and some Hollywood stars too! What more can a woman ask for? There was a great emphasis on crochet in the article, something that is delightful for a crocheter like me that is doing her best for some crochet world domination!

Irene Lundgaard in The Sunday Times - Photo by Fergal Phillips - January 6th 2013 -2

The wonderful Stitch Lily of Wolly Way of Ireland was the woman who brought all of us to Ed Power’s attention and for that and her brilliant website she deserves huge thanks. The article also featured the gifted Evin O’Keeffe, The Constant Knitter wool shop, the talented Aoibhe Ní Shúilleabháin and the edgy Caroline Kuyper.

Delighted I am, and not least grateful to Stephanie Kennedy of The Yarn Room for the loan of “The Sofa” keeping me snug and out of the murky wet outside on the day that Photographer Fergal Phillips came to take my picture!

World domination, I’m telling you!

Crochet yarn bombing

Culture Night Crochet

We celebrated Culture Night 2012 all over Ireland last Friday September 21st. My own contribution was obviously crochet…

On the square in Tinahely we have a granite bench which was donated to the village by the wonderful women of Tinahely I.C.A. It’s a sturdy granite bench that holds a lot of gatherings of the young as well as the old.

Bench on Dwyer Square TinahelyBench on the Square, Culture Night 2012, Tinahely, Co Wicklow
Irene Lundgaard 2012

The Tinahely Arts Group had planned to display Words of The Village with each contributor installing their own words, I’m a member and decided to partake.

Behind the bench there is a pretty tree with branches sheltering the bench from rain and wind and when I pass the bench I often wonder what conversations and aspirations the tree picks up, what dreams are aired that drift up from the bench and into the tree. Armed with this thought I set to work for some weeks, every time I passed the bench and the youth were gathered on it I asked them what their dreams were. My plan was to distil their words and crochet them into a luminous web that would be seen in the dark at Culture Night. A web of words caught in the tree.

As the days went on in my word gathering, I began to see a pattern of questions more than anything else and I realized my collection of words would have to be W-words. I called my piece “W-Ord-s Of Youth”. The hyphens are framing the Danish word “ord”, which means word or words.  Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 11

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12d

Culture Night 2012 W-Ord-s of Youth Tinahely Arts Group 12bW-Ord-s Of Youth, Culture Night 2012, Tinahely, Co Wicklow
Irene Lundgaard 2012

I used luminous paint on the words to ensure they would shine out in the night. The village is bright at night and the words did not shine much but they are doing just that now here at home in my hallway, where I pass them for nightly visits to the necessarium. They are insistently demanding answers. Every night! As John said, when I explained to him about my installation, ‘well, the old that also gather on the bench, they will have the answers’.

I’m just not sure that I am old enough to have the answers quite figured out yet… Not on my nocturnal sojourns anyway!


Opinionated Crochet

Urbanization of the Irish Countryside  by Irene Lundgaard smallUrbanization of the Irish Countryside © Irene Lundgaard 2012

I’m not a fan of the grooming of rural Ireland.
If we want urban, let’s live urban!

Note: Yarn bombing in pure wool Granny Squares placed on sheep fence in rural Ireland.

Crochet yarn bombing Yarn Classes

Democracy Was Knit Together On Facebook

In late August I wrote about a yarn activism project which my Danish friend Dana initiated as a response to the atrocities in Norway. Yesterday the piece was unveiled at the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) in Copenhagen where they are building a new metro station.

Klar til aktionDemokratiet har plads til os alle

Demokratiet har plads til os alle
All pictures are kindly made available by my friend
Lisa Risager You can see more here

Demokratiet har plads til os alle
‘Democracy Has Room for Us All’

The press release that went out read as follows:

Democracy Has Room for Us All
This group project came about in the slipstream of the gruesome act of terror in Norway.

The reaction in the political sphere and hemisphere in Denmark was a lot of attempts at defining exactly what *that* group of society’s interpretation of democracy and the democratic debate is – funnily enough, all the definitions were defining the ones who were *not* included in the definition…

However, reality is different. Democracy and the democratic process are not bound by a particular colour of skin, a particular geographical origin or a particular belief system or none, as the case may be. Democracy simply consists of people, including the ones we do not agree with or we don’t like.

“Democracy Has Room for Us All” are words translated into something as simple as yarn and human hands.
Facebook turned out to be the right place for finding likeminded people to realize the idea. And this is it – 27 people, a month and a half and numerous stitches later. The work is installed at the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) in Copenhagen.

On behalf of Knit Crochet Graffiti,
Dana Watsham”

I am very proud to be part of this project, it is made by women of huge integrity, intelligence and compassion. Yes We Can, is what I say!

Crochet yarn bombing

A Statement In Yarn

My Danish friend Dana has a bee in her bonnet about yarn, she is a spinner and dyer and a knitter extraordinaire. Dana also has a bee in her bonnet about the state of the world. As a matter of fact, she has strong, well-informed opinions about most matters. Dana does not just stop with the usual ‘hand-wringing’ about anything. From my perspective, she has taken a leaf out of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s book and “Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises.” Dana reacts spontaneously and intelligently to the state of the world and this time she has set in motion a piece of knit/crochet graffiti among her friends. The text will read: “DEMOKRATIET HAR PLADS TIL OS ALLE” (democracy has room for everyone) alongside symbols of democracy.

A by Irene LundgaardClones Roses by Irene LundgaardShamrocks by Irene Lundgaard

This weekend I made my own contribution to the project. I committed to making an A and two symbols. I chose a variation of ‘Clones Roses’ as a symbol of the empowering effect piecework has had on generations of women and I simply just had to include the Shamrock to symbolise the fact that ‘there always is an Irish connection’. I made them up as I went, perhaps I should have used a proper traditional Irish pattern, but it was just too much fun to make them up, so I chose not to.

Dana is currently working on finding a relevant place to display this wonderful piece somewhere in Copenhagen – I imagine. I look forward to seeing it in it’s entirety and I am very happy to be part of the project and I hope to be able to show a picture of the finished item in place eventually.

Note: These pieces are made in horrid acrylics. I really don’t like working in acrylics, but we must suffer for the cause. 😉